Hello this a site about MYSA a organisation in Kenya were kids play football for scolarships and a better and cleaner life in the sloms of Nairobi. Mathare valley. We are raising money for MYSA and I hope that we can reach more people by this blog. And remeber if you full of your food that the girls and boys inthe sloms are praying forthat little food that's on your bord.
Remember that this is a site for the boys and especcialy the girls who need our money most!


Hello everybody,

2006 8-15 august was a week wich is unorgaitable. At the end there were lots of tears. The MYSA girls went back to the sloms in Kenya with a dubble feeling: Glad to go home but sad because they have to go back to the sloms were live isn't save and isn't clean. We alrready raised a lot of money for our friends Kenya who need it so hard. I was very impresst by the words from the president of MYSA. He said 'we came as unknown friends and we left as good friends that is so special'. After that beatifull words the tears came. It was the final evening with our friends and that is something what makes you sad, very sad.  I can't forget those smiley faces who looked so happy when they were here. Everyday there smiles growed bigger and ours to. But at the leaving from our friends all smiles disappeared and every body starts crying. Now our friends are home in Kenya 8000 km away from us were we can't take care of them. We want to help them as good as possible by giving money but we want to raise money to to go to Kenya. Then we can help them in Kenya were they really need help. At one of the most pourest places on earth: the Mathare Valley >>see picture>>
I hope that you understand how hard they need money to take care of there one and there families live. Look at the picure and think with places in the world have a open sewer. I know you are tinking that there are more places and yes that's right but the people from MYSA are doing there hardest best to make this slome cleaner and better. So I ask it again. Do you know places in the world were they have open sewers but were they are doing there hardest best to make it cleaner and saver to live in? I don't know one.. Only MYSA is word I'm thinking now. And for me MYSA is the most important organisation over the hole world. MYSA: the organisation who is taking care of the next generation by giving scolairships. And the nexy genration the girls and boys from Mysa are giving something back to MYSA. A better and cleaner and saver slom. That's what MYSA does and that's what is important for me and the girls from MYSA. I hope for you to now.


about girls football

KnipoogThe girls football started in the year 1992. It was started by Samuel Karanja who is the current chief executive. He had seen that there was a need to indulge the girls in sports since most of them were doing a lot of domestic work but had nothing interesting to do during their free time. So he decided to bring forth the idea of girls football. This in the African social set up was quite alien since the girls never played football in Kenya. Their parents naturally weren't comfortable with this idea and the boys laughed it off as a daydream. They thought that the girls could not play at all. Some girls seemed fairly interested and this was a boost for them. MYSA was determined to expose girls to football and they believed that the girls could do it. The girls also saw this as an opportunity to gain physical fitness. In the year 1996 the girls under 14 team featured in the Norway cup for the first time. This tournament motivated them and completely changed their views towards football and life in general. They had seen fellow girls in action and this was a morale boost for them. More and more girls wanted to be involved in football and their parents started loosening up. Their brothers had to admit that they were surprised by how good the girls were. They had changed the negative view of the society on girls playing football. In the year 1998 and 2000 the girls team reached the finals of the Norway cup and were awarded the runners-up trophy and this was a great achievement for the MYSA Community.


2 different countries but so mutch solidarity


                 KENIA                                 HOLLAND




here are some pictures of the year 2005. It was some much fun that you can't forget it.

big kiss from MYSA crazy MANON

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2005 and 2006

this is the team that was here in 2006

this is the team that was here in 2005